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The story of Saint Vitus

Find out about Saint Vitus' story. It is unique and closely connected to Freising.

Weihenstephan's founding father: The story of St. Korbinian

Corbinian is not only presumed to be the founding figure of the diocese of Freising, but has been venerated as the patron saint of Freising to this day. So, who is this...

The pope's connection to the origin of bock beer

It is bock beer time! But without the pope there might not even be bock beers. Why? Here's the answer.

Quick round-up: The European Beer Star

The European Beer Star (EBS) has been around since 2004. It is one of the most prestigious competitions concerning beer. Why has this competition become so important to...

Run the GENERALI Munich Marathon all over the world!

For several years now we have been a proud sponsor of the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON, with around 20.000 athletes competing each year.

The Bavarian Purity Law – 6 Questions, 6 Answers

The Bavarian Purity Law was passed by the Bavarian Dukes Wilhelm IV and Ludwig X on 23 April 1516. Still in existence and applicable today, it is the oldest food...

Baptism with beer - did that really exist?

Were there baptisms with beer back in the day? The answer: Yes! But not for long - because one person was not ok with it...

Beer Spiking (Bierstacheln) - discover new aspects of our beer

A cold Weihenstephaner is an absolute delight – and in the winter months you can add even more enjoyment to your drinking experience. Perhaps you've already seen beer...

Quick round-up: The World Beer Cup

The world's biggest beer competition is the World Beer Cup. Every two years it is held by the Association of Brewers, a union of small and middle-sized breweries in the...

Quick round-up: The World Beer Awards

You have to pass several rounds at the World Beer Awards - find out more about this prestigious competition.

Quick round-up: The Australian International Beer Awards

What exactly are the Australian International Beer Awards? Find out here.