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1000 Euros for charity: Weihenstephan supports "KlinikClowns"

When the logistics center had its grand opening, people celebrated a lot. But they did not fail to focus on charity: Weihenstephan supported the "KlinikClowns".

Weihenstephaner - bestes bayerisches Bier
(from left to right) Head of Marketing Karin Gürtner, Christine Tratz (KlinikClowns) und Head of Logistics Stefan Bachmaier.

There was a raffle at the grand opening where people could draw lots for a small amount of money. All the revenues went directly to the KlinikClowns. And finally, last Thursday, brewery representatives were happy to hand over a cheque worth 1000 Euros. 

"We were convinced right away that this is the right choice", Karin Gürtner, Head of Marketing, said. That is why the decision who gets the money was a fast one. 857 Euros were the result of the raffle, Weihenstephan rounded it up to 1000. Now "we are happy that we were able to help the cause of the KlinikClowns at least a little". Christine Tratz, who is with the KlinikClowns and in charge of donations, said: "We are overjoyed to receive this cheque." 

The KlinikClowns have brought joy to over a million people over the last 21 years - and not only children. They also put a smile on the faces of the elderly, sick people of all generations and people with disabilities. They handle all the people with care and give them a good time with music, jokes or something else. The clowns are professionaly trained and know exactly what they need to do in all the special cases. That is why in 2008 the KlinikClowns received the Bavarian State Medal for their service to health and the environment.