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August 3rd: Our 17th Weihenstephaner Bergfest is right around the corner!

We are celebrating again! Come join us for our famous Bergfest at the brewery. Find out more what to expect.

Families, friends and weekend-travelers: Come join us at the 17th Weihenstephaner Bergfest in the historic inner courtyard on the brewery's property. Starting at 3 pm, get ready for close-up magic, an artist, who paints portraits of loved ones within a minute, a train for children, a chain carousel or a bouncy castle. Entrance fee? There is no such thing! And while your children are having fun you can enjoy one of many Weihenstephaner beer specialties or different non-alcoholic drinks (softdrinks, etc.). Different hosts from around the area offer a variety of culinary specialties - sweet and substantial. 

Three bands take care of your entertainment

The brass band "Premium Bavaricum" is responsible for typical Bavarian music as well as the "Spielmannszug der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Freising" which is the local firefighter's marching band. The partyband "Sonic Superband" makes the people dance in the evening - with hit songs from different generations. 

Beer at a special price

We will not increase the beer price this year. That means that you can still get half a liter for just two euros, according to that the Maß is only four euros. Of course you will not only be able to go for the traditional Original but also for many more beers. 

Please leave big backpacks and pointy tools etc. at home so we can celebrate in peace. Our Bergfest closes at 11 pm. In case of bad weather we will have to cancel this event. This will be announced on August 1st so make sure to check back in.

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