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Bock beer - who invented it?

Traditionally Ash Wednesday is the first day of bock beer season and it ends on Easter – of course this is also the case with the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan. In Lent people need beer with a character. But do you know who actually invented the bocks?

It is hard to believe, but bock beers are no Bavarian invention.They origin from the former Prussia. Up north beer was made extra strong so it would endure the export to Bavaria and Italy. Of course that ist he reason why it was so expensive and was seen as kind of a luxurious drink in Bavaria. To save import costs Bavarian Elector Maximilian I. ordered monks in Landshut to copy the beer. Later on it was brewed in Munich. Bock beer had a deeper meaning for the monks, too. As men of faith they were looking for something they could enjoy during Lent. But there was a problem: The pope had to give them permission – so they sent him a barrell of bock beer.

The long journey made the beer sour

The heat in Italy, the time it took to get there – all that had a bad influence on the beer so it got sour. Of course the pope tried the beer and he frowned upon it. He then said drinking this is more of an atonement than a sin so he gave the monks permission to have bock beer during Lent. In contrast to the monks back then we only drink bock beers out of enjoyment. The best examples of how good those styles can be are the awarded wheat bock Vitus and the Doppelbock Korbinian. Have you tried them yet?

Weihenstephaner Vitus

Vitus is something like Weihenstephan‘s golden boy. Over the years Vitus received many different awards – at the European Beer Star, the World Beer Awards or the Australian International Beer Awards. Despite of having 7.7 % alc. the taste is smooth. It definitely is a premium beer. Do you want to find out more? Click here!

Weihenstephaner Korbinian

The Korbinian is also something for connoisseurs. With 7.4 % alc. it is a little lighter than Vitus and a beer, that goes perfectly with smoked meat or fish. This bock out of Weihenstephan was also awarded in international beer competitions – for example it won the bronze medal at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2018. Do you want more information about the Korbinian? Here you go!

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