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1000 years of brewing experience hit the jackpot at the 2015 AIBA

The golden-yellow Weihenstephaner Crystal Wheat Beer with it´s fresh citrus flavour and spicy banana notes impressed the jury and won gold in the category of „Best Wheat Beer - German Style” and the „Beer DeLuxe Trophy” also in the category of „Best Wheat Beer”. As well the spicy Vitus wheat beer bock won gold in the category of „Best Wheat Beer” (sub-category of „Other Wheat Beer”). The Wheat Beer received a silver medal and additional 3 bronze medals were awarded to the Weihenstephaner Original Helles, Pilsner and the Dark Wheat Beer. The Weihenstephan brewers are very proud of the gained Awards and use the AIBA seal of excellence as a confirmation that the world´s oldest brewery produces top-quality beers.