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Gold and Silver at the European Beer Star

Celebrations at this years’ European Beer Star: We are thrilled about Gold for our Vitus and Silver for our Kristallweissbier!

f.l. Gerhard Ilgenfritz, President Private Brauereien Bayern e.V., Technical Manager Mario Schäfer, Head Brewmaster Tobias Zollo (both Bavarian State Brewery) and Detlef Projahn, President Private Brauereien Deutschland e.V. at drinktec in Munich.

Weihenstephan, 14.09.2017: With Gold for Weihenstephaner Vitus and Silver for Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier, the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan emerged triumphant from this year’s European Beer Star. “By using carefully selected regional ingredients and traditional brewing methods, we have created products of distinction – and beer enthusiasts can taste the difference”, says Head Brewmaster Tobias Zollo in explanation of the impressive result.

European Beer Star is among the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. Organized by the Verband Privater Brauereien e.V. (German Association of Private Breweries), this year the competition attracted a record number of entries, with a total of 2,151 beers from 46 countries. This fierce rivalry reflects the intense race for success within the beer market. Master brewer Tobias Zollo outlines the situation: “Although the market is dominated by large-scale international corporate breweries, many small and medium-sized breweries have been able to carve out a position for themselves by supplying high-quality beers.” European Beer Star was specifically founded to raise the public profile of these distinctive beers of character.  

133 international jury members held blind tastings in 60 different categories, assessing the colour, scent, flavour and aroma profile.

The Gold-winning Weihenstephaner Weizenbock Vitus won the jury over with its fruited aromas of dried apricots, accompanied by notes of citrus and clove and banana. Full-bodied and well carbonated, the Vitus has the character of an elegant, fruity wheat beer that sets it apart from typical Starkbier types.

The Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier, which won Silver, offers fruity fragrances of citrus and banana. Its delicate effervescence and bright golden-yellow colour provide an elegant appearance for this refreshing, delightfully zingy brew.