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Science Minister Sibler sinks foundation-keg in the new logistics centre

Weihenstephan's new logistics centre has been in operation since the beginning of January. Science Minister Bernd Sibler and the Brewery's Director Josef Schrädler sank the foundation-keg in the centre's foyer. It is symbolic of the starting phase coming to an end.

Weihenstephaner - bestes bayerisches Bier
Architect Carsten Wergin (Technisches Büro Weihenstephan(TBW)), Director Prof. Dr. Josef Schrädler (Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan), Science Minister Bernd Sibler, Commercial Manager Josef Plank (Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan), Managing Director Dr. Walter Flad (TBW).

The brewery's logistics department just started working in the new centre which covers an area of 10.700 square meters. It is located at the Clemensänger-Ring in Freising, right next to the freeway A92. This is great for traffic: The many trucks that pick up the world's oldest brewery's beer do not have to go through half the city. Their route is now shorter - by a lot. Science Minister Sibler: "This expansion at this location is a huge win for everybody involved. To everyone who worked on it, thank you!" 


The keg, that was put in the ground in the centre's foyer, serves as a time capsule. At the cornerstone ceremony in 2017 it was symbolically walled in - filled with a newspaper of that day and a "BierKULTur", Weihenstephan's own magazine. Sibler: "The state brewery Weihenstephan is known for its traditional art of brewing and its high quality. The foundation-keg will deliver an exciting insight in the brewery's history to following generations."

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