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Logistic Center's grand opening: The Weihenstephan Volksfest

On 24 May, the time had finally arrived: the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan officially opened its Logistics Center. With brass band music, an ox roast and of course our own beer specialties, celebrations filled the export hall from 3:00 to 11:00 p.m.

From the very beginning, the guests who had been invited streamed into the Logistics Center, now decorated for the celebrations: beer tables and benches, fences, maypoles, bay trees, high striker and much more – a real festival. And thanks to the wonderful smell of roasted almonds, roast ox and creamed mushrooms, it also had that festival feeling. After all, the biggest investment in the history of the Weihenstephan brewery had to be celebrated.

The Logistics Center is a "Gate to the World"

Also the festival speakers were equally euphoric: after welcoming the guests, Brewery Director Prof. Dr. Josef Schrädler handed over to State Minister Bernd Sibler, who was visibly enjoying the invitation but unfortunately not able to stay too long – duty called. But he did not miss to promise that Weihenstephan beer would be served at state occasions in the future. There was also special praise: not only for the employees, who were in his special focus, but also for the company in general – “Weihenstephan is tremendously good advertising for Bavaria as a brand and location.“ Second Mayor of the city of Freising, Eva Bönig, emphasized how future-oriented the state brewery´s investment was and concluded with a metaphor: Weihenstephan “brews on firm and good foundations“. Also Head of the District Authority Landrat Josef Hauner joined in the celebration speeches and described the new Logistics Center as a “Gate to the World“.

Head of Logistics gets a hand-made trophy

Before Director Schrädler returned to the stage, the Head of Logistics Stefan Bachmaier was awarded a small, hand-made trophy to the applause of the festival guests – namely from the constructing companies. The good working relationship had left a lasting impression not only with the Head of Logistics but also with the companies.

"Extraordinary cooperation" with the city of Freising

Dr. Schrädler then explained to the audience what had led to the decision to build: the problems with space have been troubling “us for the last ten years“. Consequently, the Logistics Centre had been an “unavoidable step“. “Despite the good team collaboration, we had light traffic congestion time and again“ on the Weihenstephaner Berg, said the brewery director. All the more was his appreciation and recognition for the employees´ work, for which he held “great respect”, Schrädler emphasized.

He also highlighted that cooperation with the city of Freising had been extraordinary. And in fact, there are also advantages for the cathedral city: the heavy goods traffic is largely taken out from the city as only the shuttle-transport between the brewery and Logistics Center still passes through Freising. But not for much longer – because in 2020 the west bypass will be completed. The brewery trucks will then be able to use the bypass road.

The employees and guests enjoyed the celebrations until 11 p.m. When the lights then went on and the party band Ois Easy played their last note, the Logistics Center was officially open – and operations were of course resumed. After all, the beer must be distributed throughout the world.

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