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Our 17th Weihenstephaner Bergfest: Thousands visit the brewery

The weather was going crazy on August 3rd. But thousands of visitors could not care less - and kept on celebrating.

What to do? The brewery's employees were undecided - the weather did not look too good during the week. All the experts did not really have a clue how Saturday, August 3rd, will turn out. But one thing was certain: Rain was expected at some point. But, and that was the opinion throughout the people in the brewery, a little drizzle will not harm anybody. Little did they know, it was set out to be a bit more than that. And so, the decision was clear: "Let's do it!"

The Bergfest started with traditional bavarian music by the band Premium Bavaricum. At 4pm the firefighter's marching band took over. Aside from specialties like grilled chicken, vinegar dumplings or the cheese spread "Obazdn" people were eager to get themselves some Weihenstephaner beers. The atmosphere was great, the weather was also fine - until early evening. Because then heaven opened its gates - and it really poured. The visitors looked for shelter, a lot of them were soaking wet. People were thinking: "Ok, this was it. Everyone will go home now." But it was quite the contrary: The band Premium Bavaricum kept on playing and kept the show running with their music - and would you look at that: Even the sun came out!  

For the very first time Weihenstephan offered themed tastings at the Bergfest. Brand ambassador Matthias Ebner took his guests on a tour around the world of beers. These 45 minutes have been both funny and educating - and the guests were allowed to take a small Weihenstephan glass with them as a souvenir. 

When the Sonic Superband took over, the atmosphere changed to party! First they played some songs for the kids, then they rocked all of Weihenstephan. At the end it was traditional Volksfest-atmosphere: People were standing on the benches, celebrating and dancing until closing hour. 

A huge thank you goes out to all the employees who work voluntarily at the Bergfest. That way there is just a minimum of external helpers so the prices can stay family-friendly. It has been a joyful and peaceful Bergfest - like always.