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The Homecoming – was the theme of our 4th Importers Conference

The Homecoming – was the theme of our 4th Importers Conference, which took place from 4th – 6th of September 2019 here in Freising.

Weihenstephaner - bestes bayerisches Bier

The world´s oldest brewery gattered together their partners form more than 43 nations.  Importers from all parts of the world came to the Weihenstephaner hill.
For many of our partners this hasn´t been the first visit to Weihenstephan as the very first Importers Conference also took place in Weihenstephan, 12 years ago.
Therefore many of our partners experienced a homecoming.

Since the 1st Importers Conference many things have changed in the brewery. Our partners got to see our new packaging line while getting a brewery tour from our brew master. Afterwards a tour in our new logistic center was given, where the pictures were taken. The day was rounded up by a reception at the city hall of Freising.

At the second day the real Importers Conference started with a welcome from Prof. Dr. Schrädler (Managing Director) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Becker (Dean at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan) followed by a presentation about the recent developments in export markets by Marcus Englet (Vice President – Sales Director Export), an inside presentation of Weihenstephaner Beers in the Netherlands, followed by a presentation about non-alcoholic beers by Magdalena Müller (Ph.D. student at TUM. The last presentation of the day was done by Matthias Ebner (Brand Ambassador International) speaking about his new position within the Brewery.

At the third and last day of the conference we visited the hop farm of the Rieger family, who delivers hops to the brewery for over 30 years. After watching the harvesting of the hops we all went to the Freisinger Volksfest (annual Beerfestival of the city) to celebrate the homecoming with Weihenstephaner Festbier!