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Weihenstephan honors well-deserved employees

Anyone who stays with the same company for a lot of years, does so for a reason. At the Bavarian State Brewery, currently employer to over 160 people, this circumstance is celebrated every year. A special anniversary was the honoring of Hermann Schembera: He has been with the company for over 50 years now.

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Schembera, says Director Prof. Dr. Josef Schrädler, is someone who shoveled the grains by himself, someone, who filled the barrells with his own hands. The director praised his employee: „You are simply a wonderful, helpful and great human being, someone unique. I don’t even know how many eras of the brewery you got to see.“ When Schembera went to pick up his certificate, Schrädler had a hug prepared for him.

Michael Daschner has been working for 40 years at the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan. „The playmaker of the party department“, Schrädler calls his employee. He emphasized how much this department has grown over the years – up to 500 parties, festivals, club celebrations, etc. „When someone wants everything to be perfect – call up Mr. Daschner“, the director said. As one of the „brewery’s faces“, he’s always delivered perfect work over the last 40 years. Schrädler cannot even imagine how life at the brewery will be without Daschner who is set to retire in a few years.

Some other employees were honored, too: Brigitte Schmid (30 years), Irmgard Schwaiger (25 years), Olaf Baum, Klaus Brunner, Andreas Kirchlechner, Irmgard Westermair (20 years), Thomas Kammermaier, Aleksander Cvetkovski (10 years) and Felix Färber for his successful exams (brewer).