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Foam / Aroma

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

Saturated with fine yeast and topped with a creamy head of foam, Vitus, our pale wheat bock has a fruity profile, resplendent with aromas of dried apricots and citrus fruits.

Flavor / Color

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

Cloves are readily perceptible in the flavor, with a hint of banana. Full-bodied and effervescent, the fine bubbles of carbon dioxide create a foaming sensation in the mouth. Vitus doesn’t taste like a conventional strong beer, but rather more like a premium, fruity wheat beer.


Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

Our pale wheat bock is lagered for an extended period of time, resulting in a perfectly balanced strong beer with a rounded character.


Our Weizenbock Vitus – a strong wheat bock – is one of a kind. It has attracted many loyal followers who prefer to enjoy this beer year-round, not only during the traditional season for strong beer.

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten
Das beste bier der Welt
Weihenstephaner - bestes Bier der Welt
  • Alcohol content:
    7.7 % by volume
  • Calories:
    260 kcal/0.5 l
  • Drinking temperature:
    6-8 °C
  • Original gravity:
    16.5 % by weight
  • Bitterness:
    17 IBU
  • Bottle size:
    0,5 l
Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten


The “golden child” of the Weihenstephan Brewery: Since its introduction, Vitus has been awarded gold medals in almost every highly respected beer competition in the world, along with a number of silver and bronze medals.

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Weihenstephaner - Awards
Weihenstephaner - Awards
Weihenstephaner - Awards
Weihenstephaner - Awards
Weihenstephaner - Awards
Weihenstephaner - Awards
Weihenstephaner - Awards

Food Pairing

Weizenbock Parfait – Serves 8


4 egg yolks, 1 whole egg, 100 g sugar, 80 g white chocolate, 3 gelatine leaves, 150 ml Weizenbock Vitus, 250 g fresh cream

To garnish:

Fruit and mint to taste

Beat the eggs and sugar over a water bath and beat again on iced water. Melt the chocolate and stir into the beaten egg mass. Dissolve the gelatine leaves and also stir in. Then add the beer, whip the cream and fold in carefully. Pour the mixture into molds and freeze overnight, stirring once or twice. Tip out each mold on to a separate plate and garnish with...

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