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Foam / Aroma

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

The initial impression hints at great things to come. A solid head of finely structured foam crowns our 1516 Kellerbier, and a refreshingly fruity aroma invites further exploration.

Flavor / Color

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

1516 Kellerbier is full-bodied with a pleasant caramel note and a rich amber color. During the extended maturation period, the bottom-fermenting yeast sediments at the bottom of the tank, leaving the beer with a slightly opalescent cloudiness, part of its characteristic appearance. The balanced hop note rounds out the flavor perfectly.


Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

1516 Kellerbier was first brewed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot (purity law for beer). It has rapidly become an insider tip among beer enthusiasts and is often served with grilled foods, roasts and cheeses.

1516 Kellerbier

Our 1516 Kellerbier is a specialty beer brewed with the rare hop variety Hallertauer Record, a variety now only grown by a single hop farmer in the Hallertau hop cultivation region.

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten
Das beste bier der Welt
Weihenstephaner - bestes Bier der Welt
  • Alcohol content:
    5.6 % by volume
  • Calories:
    210 kcal/0.5 l
  • Drinking temperature:
    6-8 °C
  • Original gravity:
    12.6 % by weight
  • Bitterness:
    25 IBU
  • Bottle size:
    0,5 l
Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten


None to date

Food Pairing

Honey Beer BBQ Burger – Serves 2


For the sauce:

1 small red onion, 1 garlic clove, 2-3 chili peppers, 1 tbsp sunflower oil, 150 ml ketchup, 100 ml Weihenstephaner Kellerbier 1516, 60 ml honey, 2 tbsp Worcester sauce, 1 tbsp hot mustard

For the burger:

250 g fresh minced beef, 1 small red onion, 1 garlic clove, salt and pepper, approx. 60 ml Weihenstephaner Kellerbier 1516, burger buns

For the honey beer BBQ sauce, sweat the chili peppers, finely chopped onion and garlic so that they become translucent, pour in the Weihenstephaner Kellerbier...

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