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Foam / Aroma

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

With its delectably aromatic bouquet and finely latticed foam, one is hardly aware that the beer does not contain alcohol.

Flavor / Color

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

Along with its sunny gold disposition, its pleasantly aromatic hop note, light bitterness and drinkability make this beer the perfect refreshment on a hot day.


Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten

Particularly at the beer garden or on a hot summer’s day at the lake, our non-alcoholic Original Helles pairs well with simple meals or a hearty salad – a refreshing alternative anytime. The fermentation process is not halted early, but rather the beer is allowed to fully mature. Only afterwards is the alcohol removed by means of a process developed with the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan, the same one used for our non-alcoholic wheat beer. 

Non-alcoholic Original Helles

Our Original Helles – even without alcohol, it is refreshing and enjoyable.

Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten
Das beste bier der Welt
Weihenstephaner - bestes Bier der Welt
  • Alcohol content:
    less than 0.5 % by volume
  • Calories:
    80 kcal/0.5 l
  • Drinking temperature:
    6-8 °C
  • Original gravity:
    11.6 % by weight, before dealcoholization
  • Bitterness:
    21 IBU
  • Bottle size:
    0.33 l/0.5 l
Weihenstephaner - Bierfakten


A newcomer to accolades: Our non-alcoholic Original Helles received its first medal in 2018 – we hope this is the beginning of a new trend!

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Food Pairing

(Swiss) Wurstsalat (Sausage Salad) – Serves 2


250 g Fleischwurst (meat), (150g Emmentaler), 80g gherkins, 1 onion, 3 tbsp vinegar, 3 tbsp water, 3 tbsp oil, 1 tsp salt

For a quick snack:

Cut the Fleischwurst, (Emmentaler) and gherkins into strips. Thinly slice the onion into rings. For the marinade: mix vinegar, water, oil, salt and pepper. Then put all the ingredients together into a dish and allow to stand for one hour.

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