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Commited to our environment

The Weihenstephan environmental policy

Our awareness for tradition on the one hand and our continual striving for constant modernization and renewal on the other, form the cornerstones of our success. The principles for the sustainable development of our company we have defined in our environmental policy.



"We, as the Bayerischen Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, consider it our responsibility to actively take part in protecting our environment in all that we do and thus contribute to the wellbeing of our society."

Prof. Dr. Josef Schrädler, Director


Principles of action

Our environmental policy


We see sustainable management as a key factor for responsible and future-oriented action and implement this in all areas of the company.

CO₂ neutral production

Our aim is to continue saving and avoiding CO2 in the whole production process. We offset unavoidable emissions by means of compensation projects and are already CO2 neutral for Scope 1 and Scope 2. We also strive to make our processes as resource-friendly as possible while ensuring a high material efficiency.

Promoting the region and protecting the environment

As a medium-sized brewery with regional roots, we also consider it our duty not only to work in an environmentally-friendly way, but also to promote the region. By supporting regional climate and social projects, we wish to make our contribution to sustainability.

Commitment to improving our environmental performance

Working on continuous improvements is not only anchored in our quality management; we also want to do this for our environmental impact. We commit therefore to continually optimizing our environmental performance.

Legal regulations

Complying with applicable legal stipulations in the areas of environmental and occupational safety is a minimum requirement for us. Avoiding environmental pollution goes without saying.

Employee training

By providing training for our employees, we not only ensure occupational safety, but also promote ecological awareness.

Preserving nature

The most important goal for us is to preserve nature and thus ensure the future supply of high-quality raw materials. To this end, we make available the required financial means for environmentally friendly action.

Two sites - one shared commitment

The brewery and logistics center are inextricably linked - even during the planning of the new hall, great emphasis was placed on sustainability. For the environmental statement, of course, both sites have to be considered.


The brewery


52.963 m², near-natural area thereof 1,200 m²

Umweltrelevante Anlagen

  • Mash house (emissions: noise and particulate matter)
  • Boiler systems
  • Refrigeration systems (ammonia)
  • Hazardous materials storage/AwSV fuel station
  • In-company logistics (fork-lift trucks)

Tätigkeiten am Standort

Production of beer (according to NACE Code 11.05)


The logistics center


23,489 m², near-natural area thereof 11,974 m²

Umweltrelevante Anlagen

  • Oil separators
  • Heat pumps
  • In-company logistics (fork-lift trucks)


Tätigkeiten am Standort

Storage, picking and loading of products Supplying the brewery with materials

Both in our brewery and in our logistics center, the entire energy supply is provided by 100% green electricity. Additionally, the building is prepared for installing photovoltaic systems.


Our mission

Environmental & climate protection for over 30 years

The topic of environmental protection is not a new one in the Weihenstephan brewery - over the past 30 years already, the focus has always been on environmental protection in new buildings and technical innovations.

Raw materials have always been sourced locally

Our water comes from the Isar wetlands and is treated by the Freising municipal utilities and then by us. Our hops come exclusively from the Hallertau, the largest contiguous hop-growing region in the world, and the malt is produced from Bavarian barley and Bavarian wheat.

Grains further use

The brewers grains, malt dust and surplus yeast produced during the brewing process is supplied to regional farmers for further use. As in the case of raw materials, partnerships have developed, sometimes over decades, so that our by-products can be used as animal feed and does not have to be disposed of. We have had these byproducts certified especially for use as feedstuff in order to be able to provide farmers with a safe and high-quality product.

Modernized lighting system

The brewery´s lighting system has also been replaced over the years. We have not only installed motion sensors, but have also fitted LED lamps in all new areas.

Ethanol collection tank

A further major project of the brewery was to install an ethanol collection tank, which collects alcohol arising from producing non alcoholic beers. Wastewater pollution caused by the ethanol is thus prevented and can even be collected by companies for further use as high-quality food alcohol.

E-mobility in the company fleet

The topic of e-mobility is of no less importance to the Weihenstephan brewery. The company fleet operates in hybrid mode where possible; some e-vehicles are also meanwhile in use.

Our system

Everyone is responsible!

Becoming more sustainable together is our goal at Weihenstephan Brewery. Of course, there are people who “wear the hat”, but everyone individually is called upon to improve. And so a brewery as a whole only works if everyone contributes their mite.


Environmental aspects

Core indicators of our management system

These and other points are the focus of our environmental management system. The exact figures can of course be found in the environmental statement itself. The reference value chosen is always "per hectoliter of beer".

Energy consumption

When producing beer, energy is needed for the single process steps: thermal energy, fuel, electricity. The latter is already 100% renewable. In the logistics center, we are also already saving fuel as we gradually switch to e-forklifts.


Our beer consists of 95% water - accordingly, this is where consumption is highest. But the cleaning of the lines and tanks also ensures a high use of water. We are constantly working on optimization, monitor our wastewater, and ensure lower pollution, among other things through the ethanol collection tank.


Residual material from beer production constitutes the largest part of our waste - 100 percent of it is sold to farmers as certified feedstuff. Other recyclable materials such as old labels, broken glass or similar have been sorted and recycled by us for years.

Material usage

Besides raw materials, detergents and packaging are the most important materials. There is still potential for savings here, but we are on a very good path, especially in terms of paper consumption.


Step by step, we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Especially by relocating the packaging system to the brewery's own premises (previously at a service provider), long delivery routes could be saved and exhaust gases could be reduced.

Projects and regional support

It is important to us not only to act responsibly in our own premises, but also to set an example in society by promoting relevant projects and issues.

Environmental projects

Commitment to protecting the regional environment

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences we participated in a tree planting campaign and donated 1,000 trees - a symbolic planting by all participants even took place here on the mountain. We also support Pure Water for Generations e.V., for example, which draws attention to the valuable resource of water.

Social projects

Responsibility towards people & culture

Sustainability always starts with the people: So it is a matter of concern to us to also help on our own doorstep. Be it with an annual donation to people in need ("Menschen in Not), which helps needy citizens in the district, or small, regional campaigns such as a beverage sponsorship for the KreativesSchauspielEnsemble (KSE) theater association, whose premise is productions with free admission, accessible to everyone. We also sponsor various sports clubs to promote exercise from young to old.

A comprehensive description of our environmental policy as well as our further goals and planned measures can be found in our Environmental Statement.


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